I was born into a loving family, filling the role of the oldest child. For a long while I wanted to be a princess when I grew up. I would wear my poofy, beautiful Cinderella dress almost daily; but of course, I was no regular princess…all little girls were regular princesses. I had a magic wand too. I would run around the house, changing my old hound dog into my mighty steed and my little sister into a frog when she upset me.

Over time, a series of moves took place, along with a change of dreams. Princess dreams changed to dog trainer. Dog trainer changed to real estate agent. Real estate agent changed to horse trainer. Horse trainer changed to vet, and vet changed to…well at that point I didn’t know.

All I knew was I loved my two beautiful geldings with all my heart. Time and dreams had no boundaries with horses. Working with them made me feel complete, together I knew we could do anything. So when my very first horse started to slow down with age and wear; I wanted to help. There had to be some way to make my old boy comfortable again.

It was then that I found my answer; Equine therapy.

During my course, I learned a ton. I realized that not only could help my old boy by fixing his misalignment, I could fix my sister’s girthy horse, my project horse’s bucking, and various issues that we as riders come across!

Equine therapy has become this little princess’s real dream. I enjoy my job very much, and getting to see almost immediate results when working with my own and clients horses has made it even more rewarding.

You too can help your horse, ensuring their health, happiness, and performance with the help of equine therapy.

Happy Trails!


Photography by elegantimages.ca