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Chiropractic work can also be extremely beneficial for dogs as well. In fact, dogs often respond even faster to the change in their bodies than horses do! Maneuvering the skeletal system or gently relieving any soreness with the use of acupressure leads to a better muscle development, a happy go lucky attitude, and improved movement.

Much like the horse, dogs displays signs of discomfort and need through body language. Its up to the owner to watch for these signs:

* Abnormal movement

* Abnormal stance

* Change in behavior

* Dog tracking

* Shortness of stride

* Decrease of performance

* Or generally seeming off


Misalignment can be from the obvious or from something that seemed minor at the time, for example:

* Vehicle accidents

* Serious falls or trauma

* Jumping off of high places

* Trampled (by farm animals, people, ect.)

* Problems during birth

Your dog doesn’t need to be in top competition or performance to reap the rewards of massage and chiropractic work. Maintenance on your own Rin Tin Tin or Lassie can increase their health and happiness long into old age.


Small dogs (Under 20lbs): $20.00

Medium dogs (20-60lbs): $40.00

Large dogs (61+ lbs): $60.00