How often a horse should have an equine therapy appointment largely depends on the horse’s discipline, level of performance, and activity level.

A horse who is ridden a couple times a week, for a hour or so at a time, doing light levels of work would be fine with two – three appointments a year. Once during the spring when riding picks up again, perhaps once during the summer (when the riding peaks), and once at the end of fall or beginning of winter, to ensure your horse’s body holds the straight framework during the off season.

A horse who is ridden five to six days a week, in high levels of performance and training would need more frequent appointments to ensure better muscle development, freer movement, and a more athletic horse. Consider making an appointment every 6-8 weeks; as often as your farrier.

*Farrier work and equine therapy work hand in hand to ensure your horse’s healthy body*

Accidents, severe injury, or falls are the unseen variables. It is highly recommended that horses get looked at once those occur, as the horse’s body recovers faster with the help of equine therapy.