More of this goof roaring around! This is my own gelding, Houdini.

He has a giant personality; I’m sure you know the kind. The ones that tell you exactly how it is. When you scratch that perfect itchy spot he would show you with his whole body…and unfortunately for me, when something he didn’t like happened he would also show it with his whole body…

He had a history of crow hopping, head tossing, and stomping on the breaks. Not every time he was ridden, but you were prepared for a rodeo every time your foot hit touched the stirrup. 

I know what you’re thinking…but his saddle fit perfect, and on top of it all I pride myself with how careful I ride. I believe a soft and responsive horse begins with a soft and understanding rider.

So what else could be the problem?

When he was examined, there was very little was misaligned in his spine…it was his pelvis causing him the grief. It was rotated to the right and sitting way forwards on his left. Talk about a twist. His shoulder was also misaligned, along with several cervicals in his neck.

Its been over a month since I’ve adjusted him. Now all mister personality expresses is a willingness to learn and work. Circle and canter work which we once struggled with has improved immensely (and I’ve come back from every ride beaming!)

Any of this sound familiar? It may be time for an appointment. Remember, there are no “bad” horses. They’re trying to tell us in the only way they know how.

Happy Trails!