Clients are often shocked when I hand them an assessment sheet littered in red and covered in sprawled, messy writing describing how the skeletal structure was sitting before the session took place.

Now I know what you’re thinking… and no, they aren’t shocked due to my poor coloring skills or my messy writing (ha ha). The shock comes from seeing just how much was wrong with their horse!

For a horse who has never been worked on before, this is a very typical example of what I might find (and there’s even more adjustments and color wrath for rarer instances).

It’s a common misconception that a horse must have fallen or injured itself for it to have misalignment; don’t get me wrong…that can be a part of it.

However an endless list of other factors also come into play. Here’s just a few other reasons why there may be misalignment within your horse’s body:

Poor saddle fit, an unbalanced rider, jerks and jars from discipline (eg. roping), poor farrier work (eg. improper angle), previously been cast, conformation faults (source of biomechanical weakness), and problems during foaling all do their share for creating soreness, tension, and misalignment throughout the body.

So when splashes of red and scribbles like this show up on your horse’s assessment sheet, be rest assured that it is fairly typical and even better yet…fixed since you called Manetenance!