Chiropractic work:

Contrary to popular belief, chiropractic work done on horses does not involve hard, brutal, and aggressive adjustments. Despite the size of the horse; the work is done primarily with the practitioner’s hands. Any vertebrae movement is performed right along the spineous process using the bone itself as leverage. As a result, only a tap with the practitioner’s tool is necessary to put them back into place.

Rest assured there is no blind swings with hammers, unnatural twisting and stretching, or loud excessive cracking when it comes to equine chiropractic work.

Purpose of chiropractic work:

Misalignment within your horse’s body leads to increased pressure on the surrounding nerves and muscles, leading to stiffness and poor movement. By maneuvering your horse’s skeleton, the straight and even framework of your horse’s body is maintained. This results in better muscle development and coordination, ensure proper control of the nervous system, increased performance, freer movement, and a overall more athletic horse.


When misalignment of the skeleton cause nerve irritation, the corresponding muscle group can also shut down. They do not receive enough adequate blood supply to take the toxins from the area. Not only do these muscles become very sore, but they are at higher risk of minor rips and tears.

If that’s not bad enough, when a muscle group shuts down the surrounding muscles have to work harder to compensate. Those muscle groups in turn become fatigued, leading to a vicious cycle.

Equine therapy massage is preformed by using acupressure and compressions to draw blood back to the area, helping heal the sore muscles and stopping the cycle in its tracks. Increasing the health, happiness, and performance of your horse!